A Bass-Ackwards Bio Writing Strategy That Works Like Magic (and Won't Induce Heavy Drinking or Hair Pulling)

Isn't introducing yourself one of the most awkward things sometimes? I mean, in person, if you're not a total introvert, you can usually smile and get away with some light banter. It's easy to make nice when you have the other party to kind of work from, backchat with.

Unless they're a total dud…

...in which case, you might want to consider creating a predetermined exit strategy like ole George Plimpton. (Apparently, he mingles while double-fisting it. If he finds himself needing to scoot from a boring conversation, he simply holds up one of the drinks and excuses himself. The gesture is universally understood.)

But when tasked to introduce yourself in writing, as in on your website or like here on this blog (hi!), it can feel like a dense fog descends upon you, clouding your clarity about the thing you know most in the world—your dang self.

So your bio stretches out for days as you nervously ramble about everything from your high school achievement as the Lady...

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