You're elbow-deep in a saucy love affair. But it's a bit one-sided, paid in sexy dark circles under your eyes and...

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I'm Dedrie Marie,
a Bibliobroad™, entrepreneur, author, editor, world traveler, and sassy fun-loving gal dedicated to world domina—ahem, I mean helping you turn your passion for fiction into a fascinating "anywhere ya want" gig.
A small-town Texas gal with nothing more than passion, tenacity, and a laptop (and some smarts), I’m proud to have created a literary-minded digital domain that reaches book lovers from the big city streets to the backwoods hood.
My work (and this site) is devoted to teaching, empowering, and championing you book junkies who have an insatiable craving for fiction and want to learn how to turn that passion into a pretty dang cool career.
I've tallied up a few of its best perks for you:

Work where you want...

Read and work on thrilling books while traveling the world! As long as you have a laptop or tablet and the occasional internet connection (and power), you're golden!

I've taken projects to Morocco, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and all over the U.S. You can too!

With who you want...

I work with self-publishing authors. Why? 'Cause they are the most creative, hardworking machines on the planet looking for insightful and professional help with their work.

Infatuated with Romances? Then only work with Romance authors. Riveted by Thrillers? Make your mark in the Thriller niche.

When you want...

You and your author will agree on a deadline. After that, when you work is up to you. Early bird? Knock out hours of a manuscript and still have time to enjoy beautiful days outdoors!

Need to run errands, want to meet up at the gym, decide to take some time's all up to you.


working in your jammies!



Something I'm often asked is

"How in the world did you get started with all this?"


  • I felt stuck in a 9-5 job working in healthcare—zero autonomy

  • did some self-reflection

  • wrangled with how in the hell I could do what I love (read and travel) and somehow get paid

  • thought about becoming a travel writer

  • but that wasn't quite right

  • put my butt back in college for Round 2 (English degree in Creative Writing with a focus in Fiction)

  • began helping fellow classmates/writers refine their work

  • learned I have a knack for this sort of thing

  • started proofreading on the side

  • took tons of courses in editing, proofreading, publishing, business, marketing, etc.

  • added beta reading, editing, and audioproofing to my list of services

  • learned everything I could about the publishing industry—especially after discovering self-publishing

  • found a slew of clientele (self-publishing authors) needing services from trusted professionals

  • quit my healthcare job and became a full-time writer and author service provider

  • saw a demand for beta readers (and specifically a demand for skilled beta readers from authors who were repeatedly getting burned by beta readers that didn't really know what the hell they're doing—wingin' it)

  • searched for some sort of reference, book, resource, anything on how to effectively beta read and found zilch (other than the occasional blog post)

  • decided to do my fellow authors a solid and create a resource for those wanting to learn how to beta read (even for those with no literary background); that way there will be more effective beta readers out in the world

  • wrote a three-book series on beta reading; created an in-depth e-course on beta reading



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